NZASIA Pre-conference Asian Studies Postgraduate Workshop

at Victoria University of Wellington
on 24th November 2019, 1.30 to 4 p.m


In conjunction with the 23rd NZASIA Conference, we will offer postgraduate students who are working on Asia-related topics the opportunity to participate in a pre-conference postgraduate workshop.

This workshop will provide a forum for students from different universities to meet each other and to make contact with scholars who have published on Asia-related subjects. The workshop will also be an opportunity for postgraduates to discuss their research, exchange ideas, and explore career pathways both in academia and in the broader national/international communities. The workshop is free and open only to postgraduate students who have registered and paid for the main conference.

Provisional Schedule

Session I: Pathways for Asia Specialists, 1.30 to 1.50 p.m.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation will lead this session, which highlights opportunities in its #ThinkAsia pathway to support/grow interest about Asia, Asian peoples and cultures. These includes programmes such as: Track II diplomacy, internships, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and the role of the Foundation’s Asia Media Centre. This introduction will be followed with a discussion of areas outside academia and government in which a postgraduate degree and expertise in Asia is needed in New Zealand.

Session II: Academic Pathways, 1.50 to 3.15 p.m.

Postgraduate participants will be grouped into panels loosely based on disciplines and and/or regional interests. Each panel participant will make a seven to ten-minute presentation in which they introduce and outline their thesis project. Experienced scholars in each panel will lead a discussion on how thesis chapters and conference papers can be developed as journal articles or book chapters, and how theses can be revised for publication as a book.

Session III:  Session III: Roundtable Discussion on Academic Publication, 3.15 to 4 pm

A book publisher, journal editor and academic authors will discuss with workshop participants how to get research on Asian subjects published.

To register for the workshop mail to and/or with the subject header “postgrad workshop.”