New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 11, No. 2, December 2009

The Olympic Effect: New Zealanders’ Perceptions of China in 2008.
Andrew Butcher, p.1

The Myth of Constructing a Greater China Identity: A Case Study of the Malaysian-Chinese in Reforming China.
Law Kam-yee and Lee Kim-ming, p.19

The Critical Reception of Lafcadio Hearn outside Japan.
Rie Askew, p.44

Managing The Tortoise Island: Tua Pek Kong Temple, Pilgrimage, and Social Change in Pulau Kusu, 1965-2007.
Jack Meng-Tat Chia, p.72

Between the Profane and Spirit Worlds: The Conceptualisation of Uplands and Mountains in Japanese and Maori Folklore.
Catherine Knight, p.96

The Changing Contours of Discrimination in Japan: The Treatment of Applicants from North Korean-Affiliated Schools in Japan to National Universities.
Adam Beije, p.115

Royalty on the Run: The Legend of Princes Oke and Woke Reconstructed
Andrew Weston, p.134

‘Asian’ in New Zealand Parlance: A False Essentialism
John M. Lowe, p.149

Home Is Calling? Or Home Is on the Move?: Return Chinese Immigrants
of New Zealand as Transnationals.
Liangni Liu, p.164

Singapore-Malaysia Relations Revisited: An “English School” IR Analysis.
Ming Hwa Ting, p.172

Book reviews edited by Duncan Campbell