New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 3, No. 1, June 2001

The full text of the following articles in this edition of the NZJAS can be downloaded in PDF format:

Waiming Ng, Popularization and localization of sushi in Singapore: an ethnographic survey, PDF document, 172 KB

John Makeham, Interpreting Mencius, PDF document, 215 KB

Zang Xiaowei and Li Lulu, Ethnicity and earnings determination in urban China, PDF document, 220 KB

Rumi Sakamoto, The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's military sexual slavery: A legal and feminist approach to the "Comfort Women" issue, PDF document, 135 KB

Masanori Matsumoto and Yasuko Obano, Motivational factors and persistence in learning Japanese language, PDF document, 295 KB

Tony Ballantyne, State, power and knowledge in South Asian historiography, PDF document, 203 KB

Graduate Research Essay

Dorothy McMenamin, Domiciled Europeans in India, PDF document, 472 KB

Area Update

Tim Beal, Bush Clouds Korean Sunshine, PDF document, 93 KB

Extended Review Article

Paul Harrison, Making sense of Buddhism in theory and practice, PDF document, 93 KB