New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 3, No. 2, June 2001

The full text of the following articles in this edition of the NZJAS can be downloaded in PDF format:

Laurence Wai-teng Leong, Consuming the Nation: National Day parades in Singapore: PDF document, 98 KB

Erik Kolig, Modernisation without secularisation: Civil pluralism, democratisation and re-Islamisation in Indonesia, PDF document, 176 KB

Russell Smyth, Labour market reform in China's state-owned enterprises: a case study of Post-Deng Fushun in Liaoning Province, PDF document, 220 KB

Peter Oblas, In defence of Japan in China: one man's quest for the logic of sovereignty, PDF document, 135 KB

Neville Bennett, White discrimination against Japan: Britain, the Dominions and the United States, 1908 - 1928, PDF document, 118 KB

Nanyang Guo, Interpreting Japan's interpreters: the problem of Lafcadio Hearn, PDF document, 178 KB

Nie Jing-bao, Refutation of the claim that the ancient Chinese described the circulation of blood: a critique of scientism in the historiography of Chinese medicine, PDF document, 148 KB

Graduate Research Essay

Stephen McDowall, In lieu of flowers: the transformation of space and self in Yuan Mei's (1716 - 1798) Garden Records, PDF document, 151 KB


Tim Beal, Ghosts of the past: the Japanese history textbook controversy, PDF document, 93 KB