New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 6, No.1, June 2004


Nahdlatul Ulama and Collective Ijtihad, pp.5-26.
Nadirsyah Hosen

Female Representation in Parliament: A Case Study from Bangladesh, pp.27-63.
Nomita Halder

Ethnic Differences in Marriage & Household Structure in a Chinese City, pp.64-82.
Zang Xiaowei

Linguistic Engineering in Mao’s China: The Case of English Language Teaching, pp.83-99.
Ji Fengyuan

Restructuring State-Owned Big Business in Former Planned Economies: The Case of China’s Shipbuilding Industry, pp.100-129.
Russell Smyth, Xin Deng & Junli Wang

The Cultural Paradox of Modern Japan: Japan and its Three Others, pp.130-149.
Rie Kido Askew

“Homing Crane Lodge” Versus The Story Of A Palindrome: Different Ways Of Redefining Qing And Employing Inversion, pp.150-175.
Ying Wang

Forms of Belonging: ‘Authenticity’ in an Auckland Vietnamese Temple, pp.176-203.
Geoffrey Moore