New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 7, No. 1, June 2005



The founding of NZASIA
Nicholas Tarling and Richard Phillips (University of Auckland), pp.5-14.

Constraints and Choices: East Timor as a Foreign Policy Actor
Anthony L. Smith (Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies), pp.15-36.

Money and Morality: Some Perspectives from Singapore
Kelvin E.Y. Low (National University of Singapore), pp.37-62.

Abortion as Personal Experience in Chinese Women’s Fiction of the 1980s
Rosie Roberts (University of Queensland), pp.63-92.

Against Myth and History: A New Writing of Motherhood in Contemporary Chinese Women's Literature
Jiang Haixin (University of Otago), pp.93-111.

Beginnings and Departures: The Dream of the Red Chamber
Yaohua Shi (Wake Forest University), pp.112-133.

Graduate Research Essay

The Chinese & Indian Diasporas in New Zealand: An Oral History Project
Sharmila Bernau (Victoria University of Wellington), pp.134-152.