Membership forms

Download the NZASIA Membership Application Form in PDF.

Promotional Flyer

Help us to publicise the work of NZASIA and build our membership by making a copy of the NZASIA Promotional Flyer (PDF format) and share it around

National Executive Committee

The names of National Executive members are listed here

National Councillors

There is at least one NZASIA Councillor on each university campus except Lincoln University and one Councillor represents the Colleges of education and Polytechs. A list of Councillors is on the Office-holders page.

Members of NZASIA

Membership Categories

Individual membership is open to those with a scholarly or professional interest in Asia and who share the objectives of the Society.

Associate membership is open to students in New Zealand educational institutions who have a scholarly interest in Asia.

Corporate membership is open to organisation that share the objectives of the Society. membership covers any num,ber of individuals, but organisations are asked to nominate contact Person(s). the corporate subscription is kept low to encourage membership opf schools, etc., but organisations with significant resources are asked to make donations as sponsors.

If you wish to join the Society, please fill out our membership form and send it with the appropriate subscription to the Treasurer.

NZASIA Treasurer

Dr. Naimah Talib,
NZASIA Treasurer
Department of Political Science, University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800,
Christchurch, New Zealand