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The Asia New Zealand Foundation has funded the Postgraduate Research Award Programme since 1997


Malay studies Scholarships

Previous Winners


Winners in 2003 of Asia:NZ - NZASIA Research Awards and Malay Studies Scholarships

Susan Heydon
Rashmi Katti
Rebecca Kunin
Alistair Shaw
Anton Griffith
Mohd Nasir Bin Hj Md Rashid


Susan HeydonSusan Heydon

Susan is enrolled at the University of Otago as a PhD candidate in History. Her thesis subject is the Kunde Hospital in Nepal, one of Sir Edmund Hilary's main projects and where Susan and her husband worked as volunteers between 1996 and 1998. The study will explore the hospital's history from three different perspectives: as an initiative in which the Sherpa and the Himalayan Trust are the main participants; as a Western medicine project; and as a recipient of foreign aid and development inputs. Susan was awarded $3000 to help support two months of fieldwork in Kunde that she undertook in early 2004.



Rashmi Katti

Rashmi is a doctoral candidate in History at Victoria University of Wellington. She is making a study of the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and the press in the years 1919 - 1922, a period that was critical for both the growth of journalism in India, and for the development of Gandhi's political career. Rashmi has already spent time in New Delhi identifying the English, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali newspapers published during the period she is studying and that she will need to read. She will return to New Delhi in late 2005 to complete her archival work. She was awarded a $3000 scholarship to support her fieldwork


Rebecca KuninRebecca Kunin

Rebecca has now completed her Masters thesis and has graduated with an MA in Film, Television and Media Studies fromt the University of Auckland. Her thesis is titled: "Bollywood Abroad: The Bombay Film Industry 'on location' in New Zealand. It traces the historical growth of Indian filmaking in New Zealand and examines "the complex cross-cultural encounters" that are taking place between the New Zealand and Indian film industries. She was awarded $1800 to support a month-long visit to Mumbai (Bombay) in November - December 2003.



Alistair ShawAlistair Shaw

Alistair is studying towards a PhD in Asian Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. He is exploring "people-to-people" diplomacy (that is, sub-state exchanges) in the developing relationship between the People's Republic of China and New Zealand from 1949 to 2002. His two months in China in mid-2003 was an opportunity to visit Chinese organisations, and to meet with people involved in, people-to-people exchanges with foreign countries. A $3000 scholarship supported this period of fieldwork.


Malay Studies Scholarships

Anton GriffithAnton Griffith

Anton completed his Masters thesis in 2004, and has now graduated with an MA in Geography from Victoria University of Wellington. His thesis examines indigenous participation in State-run farming schemes in Sarawak, Malaysia, by using fish-cage farming in Batang Ai as a case study. Anton was awarded a $2500 Malay Studies Scholarship to help fund two months' fieldwork in Sarawak in August-September 2003.



Mohd Nasir Bin Hj Md RashidMohd Nasir Bin Hj Md Rashid

Mohd is studying towards an MA in Library and Information Science at Victoria University of Wellington. His study will assess the impact of the implementation of the "Staff Competence Management" system (SCM) in academic libraries in Malaysia. Three months' fieldwork in Malaysia enabled Mohd to visit and interview staff in the seven largest academic libraries in Malaysia. A scholarship pf $2500 supported this fieldwork.