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The Asia New Zealand Foundation initiated the Postgraduate Research Award Programme in 1997 and has generously funded it since then

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Malay studies Scholarships

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Winners in 2004 - Asia:NZ - NZASIA Research Award

All of the 2004 Award winners have completed the fieldwork funded by their Research Awards.

Howard Gilbert
En-yi Lin
Campbell Lilly
Fiona Cutler
Nik Norma Nik Hasan


Howard GilbertHoward Gilbert

Howard is working towards a doctorate in Japanese history at the University of Auckland, and is writing a dissertation on amateur sumo wrestling. He is studying the structure and nature of amateur sumo in three regions – Japan, Oceania and Central Europe. A comparative study will help to unveil sumo's national (Japanese) and international meanings, including the changing meanings that result from the participation of women. Howard spemt ten weeks in Japan (five weeks each in Osaka and Toyko) from September of November 2004. the visit gave him the opportunity to observe the preparation by sumo groups for tournaments and championships, and their participation in those events, and to conduct interviews with practioners and the sport's administrators. Howard was awarded a $3500 scholarship to help fund that period of fieldwork.



En-yi LinEn-yi Lin

En-yi is a doctoral candidate in the School of Psychology at Victoria University. She is examining the effects of cross-cultural transitions on Chinese migrants and soujourners, and will compare the phenomenon of "identity conflict" among Chinese students in New Zealand and Singapore. She spent a month in Singapore in May-June 2004 to conduct a survey among secondary and tertiary students from Mainland China, and was attached to the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore during that time. En-yi's $3500 scholarship covered most of the costs of her Singapore visit.



Campbell LillyCampbell Lilly

Campbell is a Masters student in the Japanese Programme at the University of Canterbury. He is exploring the "acculturation" of New Zealand rugby players who go to Japan to continue their playing careers. He spent three weeks in Japan in October-November 2004. He visited rugby clubs in five cities conducted interviews with several New Zealand rugby players (all former All Blacks), a coach and a sports journalist. Campbell's $3500 scholarship will support his fieldwork in Japan.


Malay Studies Scholarships, 2004

Fiona CutlerFiona Cutler

Fiona is enrolled for an MA in Anthropology and Management at the University of Otago. She is making a study of the way in which the religious principle and practice of zakat, with its emphasis on social responsibility, shapes the Islamic banking system. She will use financial institutions in Malaysia as case studies and plans. Her Malay Studies scholarship of $2500 contributed to the costs of visits to Kuala Lumpur and Kuching (Sarawak) in 2004.



Nik Norma Nik HasanNik Norma Nik Hasan

Nik is a doctoral student in journalism at the University of Canterbury. She is making a comparative study of the way in which environmental issues are reported in Malaysia and New Zealand, focussing on four nationally distributed Malaysian newspapers and four of New Zealand's regionally distributed newspapers. She spent three months in Malaysia, from November 2004 to January 2005, intewrviewing journalists, government officials, environmental activists and academics. The $2500 Malay Studies Scholarship that she has been awarded covered most of her fieldwork costs.